Wednesday, April 1, 2009


photo by Zanastardust

I realized something, back in January, as the ball got rolling for this break-up. How fitting is it that this all started in the dead of winter. The absolute worst months of winter where the holidays are over and all you have to do now is wait it out in the cold and bitter months preceding spring.

I realized on one cold, grey, bitter January afternoon that by springtime I might begin to feel better. In about 4 months, it might all feel alittle different and maybe I would feel better.

Spring is now approaching. It's getting lighter out. I'm starting to see some grass and little tree buds. And I'm feeling the effects of the distance between me and him.

Calm and sad and peaceful.
Accomplishment, change, and relief.
Alone and apart.
Realization. Truth. Anger. Loss.
Dignity and respect.

So once spring arrives maybe I'll wake up and I wont be angry anymore. Maybe I'll be happy and adjusted and moving on. Or maybe the glaring sun, cheery flowers, and frolicking bunnies are gonna really piss me off.

photo from Cute Overload

Well....maybe not.

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