Tuesday, April 14, 2009

nine lives

I went into the Renegade Handmade store on Division the other day and I found it to be filled with some very lovely things. As I walked around looking at the handmade journals, jewelry, aprons, t-shirts and dolls, it sparked ideas in my head about my next crafty project. What it will be? Will I take up crewling? I think I might.

While I was there I grabbed a cutie present for Mr. O, my best friend's son, and as I checked out at the register, one thing caught my eye.

So I looked around the Renegade Handmade blog and found that it is an artist by the name of Cathy Peng who creates these kitty images. I found her blog and website and while I searched around, I found 2 images that I loved. Each one reminds me of my not-so-clever kitty, Scrambels.

This one is "nine lives." It seemed prophetic to put it on my blog and I also loved it. Especially that 9th image. My favorite, the back of the head pose.

This one is called "Squeeze" and I thought it was so sweet. Very much like squeezing Scrambels, my not-so-clever kitty.

and my Scrambels himself, in all his glory....

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