Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And......It's All Over Folks

How can one grainy picture undo me? Leave me siting on the cold, stone bathroom floor, crying uncontrollably, mindlessly petting the warm cat purring in my lap.

I don't know what he was doing with that girl in the picture. Does it matter? It's no longer my business. But it was my business for 9 years. That's a hard emotion (instinct?) to turn off.

He is supposed to be the one crying on the bathroom floor, not me. I had been fine for 6 weeks. Positive, optimistic, goal-oriented, well-adjusted, and downright happy at times. But now, its all gone. And again, I feel like such a cliche.

It's ridiculous really. Why would it bother me for him to be with someone? I think it's a good indicator of how hard this is and how much further I have to go. It's not easy.

So I sat and combed Scrambels, my cat, for maybe an hour until I calmed down. Awesome.

the bathroom floor

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