Friday, March 27, 2009

My Obession.... My Hair

I sent my hair advice request into Hair Thursday yesterday. Sadly, the writer is now on vacation so she may not review my email in time.

But if she doesn't choose me, that's quite alright. I've absorbed quite a bit of knowledge on hair and hair products as a result of throwing myself into the Hair Thursday site for a ridiculously long time. I watched this tutorial on curling your hair with a curling iron...of all things! I'm running out and buying one today. I also bought two new products she recommended from that very same tutorial.

At a time like this, I need a change and I really need to feel pretty. Now it's hard to believe that anyone could find me as pretty, interesting, smart and funny as he did. It's too strange to imagine that anyone but him could see me as he did.

So this has led to a new obsession with my hair which has also coincided with a newfound love for cosmetics. Playing with and researching hair products and make-up right now is a lovely distraction and helps me to focus on myself... a focus I had certainly lost.

Next up: Trying lip gloss again, preferably a non-sparkly, peachy pink shade.

Wish me luck.

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