Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ladies, One Word of Advice: Lipstick

Ladies, I have some advice. Never, ever, ever leave your house under any circumstances without doing your makeup, fixing your hair and wearing something super cute. I'm not talking about full on makeup and hair, or a red dress and pumps (although the idea is tempting). Just wear a gorgeous shade of lipstick, thick black mascara, and cute jeans. I thank god that I did that today because you never know who you'll run into.

Today, I had to run out to the shops in my neighborhood in search for a dress for a wedding. It was kinda rainy and grey (yes, its July) but I put on a cute outfit, did my makeup, put on my lipstick and curled my hair. I like to look good when faced with myself in dressing room mirrors, don't you?

So as I was crossing the street, I spotted a familiar face from my long lost, 4 months ago, past. It was one of his band mates and he was walking towards me. We timidly walked to greet each other and awkwardly said hello. "How are you?", "Good, you?", Good." I glance at the floor, touch my hair nervously. "What are you up to?", "Oh, just shopping." It was all smiles and nervousness, paired with a knowing look that we both knew something substantial, but wouldn't dare bring up. And then we said goodbye. It was all very pleasant, but it was like seeing a ghost, a pleasant ghost I guess. My past became real again, real life and in my face. We didn't know each other that well but he was one of the good ones, always sweet to me, very kind. But seeing this person felt as awkward as running into an ex-boyfriend might feel. This is the only person from my past that I've seen since the break-up, who wasn't a close friend.

A few months ago, I began to turn my focus onto myself. I got swept up in hair, makeup, and clothes. Purging all of my old clothes and getting a new haircut gave me a feeling of change and difference in perception. I needed more confidence and I needed to think solely of myself, because for a long time I was so consumed with my relationship that I couldn't see much else.

So this run-in today has granted me further proof, crystal clear evidence, that I must a) always dress as if I were going on a date, even to the grocery store, even to take out the trash!, b) flee from this city and never look back, and c) find myself some supportive friends, ones that wont walk away when shit gets real.

And flee is what I am about to do. But not without my trusty lipstick, ladies.


  1. I used to obly wear make-up on special occasions. But as the break-up was going on and since, I pretty much never leave the house without it. One, i feel that I might look terrible and need to "put on a happy face" to face the world, two, ya never know who you are going to run into (ie the ex, friend of the ex-which even if you live in a big city- as you have proven- just might happen) and three, ya never know who you are going to run into (your future).

  2. I think, for me, trying to look put together has helped my self esteem too. It can be a big help when you feel horrible but still look good. And you make a good point, you might run into someone great too... you never know.

  3. I totally agree... putting yourself together makes you feel better inside and that confidence will shine through!

    I like your determination... I am very impressed. (and a bit jealous!)

  4. Thanks. I'll never underestimate the power of a trip to Sephora again. I feel like my determination is just a by-product of trying to get through this. There are things you've got to do to make it through the day. And if putting on NARS Dolce Vita lipstick makes me cheery and enjoy myself a little more and feel more confident, well hell, I'm gonna do it every day!



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