Monday, February 1, 2010

Distraction Device

Tomorrow night, LOST begins its final season.

finally.... the world breathes a collective sigh of relief....

I didn't start watching LOST way back in 2004, when apparently it first aired. I had no idea what it was and was never interested in watching a single episode. My obsession with LOST began, as many other obsessions in my current life, with my breakup.

I even blogged about LOST back in March when I proclaimed that LOST was my binky. I started watching the show in January of 2009 and when the 100th episode aired that April, I was caught up on ALL 5 seasons. Yes, that means I had watched 100 episodes in just 4 months. To me it was like my own personal distraction device. Back then, getting into that show was something that helped me get out of my own head and focus on something else, something other than the breakup, the difficult choices I had to make nearly every day, and the emotions I was constantly cycling through.

I remember the days when I would be talking to my best friend about the most recent breakup negotiation and I would end the conversation with, "Okay, well thanks for listening. I gotta go now, I need to watch an episode of LOST." That's how it was back then. I watched an episode after coming home from my many bin buying trips, after calling my parents to figure out when I was going to move in with them, and right after I called the movers and set the date for my move. After every painful thing, I watched LOST because it calmed me down by focusing my mind on something else and allowed me to lose myself in its complicated, wacky, wonderful, suspenseful, confusing interconnected world.

LOST was my binky once. It was my "distraction device." And now that it's back, nearly a year later, I'm very glad that I no longer need it as a distraction anymore. It goes to show just how far away from this time last year I've come. Plain and simple, it served its purpose at a particularly unpleasant time and now it's one of my absolute favorite shows which never fails to be bizarre and entertaining and sometimes feels a lot like Twin Peaks. And on that note, I am pleased to share my most recent discovery, all the Twin Peaks episodes online. Enjoy.

So, Dear Followers, did you have a "distraction device" to help you through a tough time? What was it? I'd love to know, because I know I'm not alone.

P.S. If you'd like a distraction, it never fails: Watch Lost (or, of course, the wonderfully bizarre and complicated, Twin Peaks).


  1. Long time lurker here who has meant to comment often, but LOST usually gives me a reason to pipe up :] in a similar, but not the same, situation, LOST was a distraction for me. I was in the last weeks before graduating from college and slowly distancing myself from a toxic ex, and LOST became an alternate universe that I existed in. Watching the episodes gave me a full and complete distraction from the stress of packing up my life; both the puzzle of it all, and the drama that wasn't mine for once.

    I did start out with it back when it first aired, but lost interest after the second season. One day when I was particularly down and lonely, I found out that all the old seasons were on Thus began my watching all of season 3 in a week. A few months later my mom and I rented season 4 in chunks from the library. And this past week we went through seeason 5, my christmas present.

    Glad to finally comment! I love your blog; it's helped me a lot in my own long/convoluted break up.

    And, of course, I am very excited for the premiere!

  2. Thank you for commenting, pearl. It's so crazy how LOST was an alternative universe/distraction for both of us each going through our own drama and major life changes. LOST is so therapeutic in that way!

    I'm so glad you've found some help in my blog. It's always great to connect with people going through a similar thing. Thanks for the kind words. Enjoy tonight's premiere!

  3. I LOVE Twin Peaks - I was obsessed with it when it first came on! I rushed over to that website only to find you can't watch it from the UK, BOOO. :(
    One day I'll admit to the geeky distraction that got me through my first couple of breakup weeks - the whole distraction thing really helps!

  4. Aww too bad you couldnt watch Twin Peaks. You have to find a UK site now. Okay now you have to tell us what your geeky distraction was!



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