Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Breakup to Makeup

In the initial weeks and months of this break-up I had no choice but to focus solely on myself, and when I did, I started to notice something pretty unsettling for the first the time. I was unraveling.

Unraveling is kind of a nice way to put it. Let's face it, I was a mess.

I was haggard and exhausted and sad -- and I sure looked it, my friends. My hair looked awful. I think I gained 15 pounds from the stress of the last year leading up to the break-up. And my skin was a mess.

So one day after I moved into my parents house, I was talking to my mom about the breakup (shocker!) and I looked up at her and realized that her makeup looked really great and through my sobs I asked her what she used. Turns out she uses Bare Minerals makeup. She told me it was like a series of mineral powders you apply with brushes. I was intrigued, so we immediately went up to her bathroom and she applied the makeup on me. When she was done, I looked in the mirror and I didn't see a pale, emotionally drained mess looking back at me. No, I looked glowy and warm and healthy. And this really made me feel better. After that, I had full access to my mom's arsenal of beauty products. She may not like to shop for clothes, but the woman loves her products. This kick-started my current obsession with hair and makeup. I love it.

When you feel like shit and you've been pissed off or hurt, you can always curl your hair, put on your makeup, and feel good about yourself, and at least to the rest of the world, you don't look like someone who feels like shit.

Here are a few of my favorite hair, makeup and beauty product sites. I encourage you to find some awesome new products, go to Sephora, buy them, and enjoy yourself.

Makeup and Beauty Blog (my favorite beauty blog)

So Dear Followers of my humble blog, what new things did you learn to do to make yourself feel better after your break up?

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Oh, and Cover Girl Lash Blast is some good stuff. Go get it.


  1. My sister had gotten me a starter kit for Bare Minerals last year. But I started using it in force when X and I were breaking up for the exact same reasons! There should be some sort of marketing campaign in development- like "Bare Minerals for when you feel Barely Presentable" or "Bare Minerals for When You Can Hardly Bear It". Literally putting on a game face I found helped to face the world especially on those days I feel like its falling apart.

  2. I agree! I love it, "Bare Minerals for When You Can Hardly Bear It". So true.

    Putting on that makeup made me feel much more together than I actually was, and it continues to give me confidence every day.

  3. I'm sitting here reading this in my pajamas just after lunch. Maybe it's time to take a shower and get dressed. :P



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