Sunday, June 7, 2009

Creature Feature

Like some mystical creature studied for centuries -- every aspect of it examined in detail. Experts research its every move, every characteristic... recount each intricate mannerism, movement, hair, muscle. The creature exists only in the researchers mind. 

And yet, once the experts actually see this creature in real life, it surpasses every expectation. What was once only known in books becomes real and this reality is completely fascinating. But why? All the details were known, everything had been studied, but now somehow, seeing it in real life, seeing it move, it seems completely unlike what was expected but at the same time totally familiar. So much so its shocking.

This is what it feels like now to see video of him. 

I decided to find out once and for all if he was indeed back in the country. I had a vauge idea of when he would be back, but I never wanted to find out the actual date. I just didnt want to know, I enjoyed knowing he was not in the country (not just out of the city.... but the whole country). But one night I looked it up, and in that search I came across a video of him. And like a masochist, I played it for about 1 minute. When I saw him, my eyes widened and I felt a wave of shock and disbelief. Proof that he exists outside of my memory.

He seems so unreal now, like a creature I had studied but never believed really existed.

Photo by Patrick Ng

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